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Angel Trains is trusted by the UK's leading train operators and has a strong reputation for innovation, professionalism and consistent performance.
  • We're with the train for the entire journey.
  • The next stop? In about a million miles thanks to our investment in cardan shafts.
  • The laws of physics. In the right hands they can be a very powerful tool.
  • Achieving a higher performance from high speed trains.
  • We're not just reinventing the wheel, we're resizing it.
  • Now you can measure our customer commitment down to the nearest kWh.
  • We believe the best way to know how a train is running is to ask it.
  • Step aboard your new train...

We're with the train for the entire journey.

At Angel Trains we don't just procure rolling stock, we manage it throughout its life.

That's why over the last decade, we've invested over £3 billion in our trains, reducing emissions, re-engineering components, modernising interiors, installing energy meters and championing innovations like remote diagnostics.

It's a long term view that'll help us to always offer the best value. No matter what the mileometer says.

The next stop? In about a million miles thanks to our investment in cardan shafts.

At Angel Trains we know how important it is to keep our customers' fleets moving. So, to help reduce downtime, we're investing in a range of new cardan shafts.

A key component which drives the wheels, a cardan shaft is subject to enormous stresses and has to be replaced every 500,000 miles.

The new shafts will last over one million miles, doubling their longevity and ensuring our trains make as few unscheduled stops as possible.

The laws of physics. In the right hands they can be a very powerful tool.

Lighter trains are known as Sprinters.

They're allowed to operate at faster line speeds because they cause less wear on the track.

To help a customer secure Sprinter status for our Class 172 fleet, our engineers, together with our industry partners, used not-so-simple physics.

We proved to Network Rail that while the static axle load was higher than other Sprinter classes, the dynamic axle load was not, which meant no undue track damage would be caused. And the Class 172s were free to run at top speed. QED.

Achieving a higher performance from high speed trains.

High Speed Trains or HSTs have been around since 1976, so we thought an upgrade was due.

Starting in 2003, we invested £1.5 million in trials of an engine new to the UK market, and subsequently £10 million in a fleet fitment.

The result?

Lower emissions, noise levels and improved fuel consumption. Ensuring the HST will be running smoothly (and speedily) for many years to come.

We're not just reinventing the wheel, we're resizing it.

At Angel Trains we believe in big ideas. And small ones.

That's why we've teamed up with a manufacturer to investigate the feasibility of reducing the diameter of trains wheels. Our research shows that by allowing an extra 6mm of wheel wear you can safely extend a wheel's life by 10%. An innovation that both saves money and helps cut CO2 emissions down to size too.

We're also looking at radical wheel designs which improve ride performance and track wear – innovations that should help the track access charges from Network Rail get smaller too.

Now you can measure our customer commitment down to the nearest kWh.

Moving a fully laden train at speeds of up to 90mph takes a lot of energy. Just how much, our customers will always know.

That's because we've begun installing energy meters across our fleets so that operating companies only have to pay Network Rail for the electricity they actually use.

This not only cuts bills, but the data can even help drivers run our trains more efficiently.

Giving customers more power than ever.

We believe the best way to know how a train is running is to ask it.

What tells you most about a fleet's performance? A maintenance check? A chat with the driver? A vehicle breakdown?

At Angel Trains, we're investing in what we believe is a much better source of information - remote diagnostics.

Using a sophisticated monitoring system, remote diagnostics gives you real time analysis via GSM/3G. It can highlight failed or degrading components and report on how well the vehicle is running.

So an operator can plan solutions before the train has even reached the depot.

Step aboard your new train...

Angel Trains has invested over £7million and has developed a package of comprehensive improvements to our Class 317 trains that not only gives passengers that new train quality and comfort but also delivers new train reliability, speed and energy efficiency.

Equipped with the latest traction package found on new trains, coupled with regenerative braking, the Class 317 ensures that operational costs are minimised without compromising performance.

Wabtec Rail has worked with Angel Trains on many projects over the last ten years from major refurbishment to regular maintenance work.

We have always enjoyed a healthy (and at times challenging) relationship whereby Angel Trains set high targets to meet their procurement objectives. The openness that Angel Trains brings, plus the challenges they set, have allowed Wabtec Rail to grow and develop its own strengths to ensure we meet the challenges set by Angel Trains. We hope to continue this positive relationship for the very long term. Chris Weatherall, Managing Director

Bombardier is proud to have been
associated with Angel Trains over
many years and has carried out
significant amounts of maintenance
on Angel Trains' rolling stock.

This relationship has developed significantly on the Class 317
retraction and refresh project, where a collaborative approach to
project execution and product development has been adopted and
is contributing enormously to the success of the project.
Des McKeon, Commercial Director

Merseyrail and Angel Trains have enjoyed a professional and productive relationship over many years.

A proven track record of working in partnership to improve the performance and presentation of the Merseyrail fleet for our customers, the Angel Trains' support team are accessible at all times and work closely with us on the challenges of managing and maintaining an older fleet like ours. Our relationship could be described as based on honesty with a mutual understanding of each other's business needs. This has been demonstrated through recent negotiations over the fleet lease extension where agreement has been successfully reached to the satisfaction of all stakeholders. Mike Roe, Engineering Director at Merseyrail.

We have leased rolling stock from Angel Trains for a number of years and find them knowledgeable, professional and easy to do business with.

More recently we have begun to work closely with their Engineering and Account teams to come up with innovative solutions to help improve the performance and reliability of the Class 357/2 fleet. We value the technical expertise that Angel Trains brings to the relationship. Angel Trains is prepared to invest in improving the condition and reliability of its assets, and we are planning to undertake joint trials of further initiatives which, if successful, will help us to provide an even better service to our passengers. Ben Ackroyd, Engineering Director at c2c